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Friday, June 10, 2016

Sport Diver Awards 2016

Yes, It's that time of year again.

I'm sure many of you have already been sent an e.mail form Sport Diver for the 2016 awards.

As I'm sure most of you know, we have been lucky to win our respective titles for the last three years and also in doing so with our runners up award in 2012, we have been the most popular dive center in The Red Sea for the last four years. This was made possible only by our loyal divers who have kept voting for us. Thank you.

Due to the devastation caused by the downing of a Russian flight a week after we won the award for 2015, and as a result, the banning of all direct flights to Sharm from the UK, the numbers diving with us in Sharm has fallen to very low numbers compared with how many were diving with us before the ban of flights, however, we have kept open with a skeleton crew, and we still get a good few coming to us from other routes, such as Heathrow via Cairo and Gatwick via Istanbul. We also get many non British divers such as Spanish, American, Argentinian, Jordanian, Australian who has found us via Tripadvisor and want to visit Sharm while they are touring Egypt. We've gone easy on the free abuse as non Brits don't always get our sense of humor!!!! Again we need to thank those of you who have given us such good reviews on Tripadvisor for this to happen.

Now, many of you would have had the chance to try some other resorts and countries, and other dive centers. This is always a good thing for the individual diver to gain more experience and explore other destinations, however, although you may have not dived with us this year yet, but you feel we are still your favourite dive center, there's nothing stopping you voting for us again this year. If you've found a dive center within Europe, North Africa or Middle East, that you are more fond of, then of course we'll expect you to vote for them. If not, we would appreciate if you made the effort again and voted for Elite Diving Sharm. This will give us a massive boost after such a dour year, especially giving our loyal staff who have stuck with us, some well needed encouragement.

Click on the photo below to take you to the voting site.

We look forward to seeing you back diving with us in the not too distant future.


Alun and Moyra.
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