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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stop Press! "Alec Taffro Jones Leaves Elite Diving".

The Collage of photos taken during Alec's two stints with Elite

The official leaving party was at Half Crown on Saturday where Alec was presented with a collage of photos of his time with elite from the early days back in 2006 when he did his rescue, dive master and instructor course and was taken on as Elite's first ever full time instructor (apart form Alun of course).

Alec had plans to join the Air force so left Elite and Sharm to pursue a career but the air force post never got off the ground so he took a sales job with Coka Cola to tide him over.

A few years went by and each year he contacted us at elite to see if he could come back. Alun said he would have loved to take him back again but advised him to follow another career path and perhaps come back into diving when he had security behind him. But his persistence paid off and back in 2010 when elite was looking at recruiting another full time instructor, Alec was given first refusal.

Alec jumped at the opportunity and headed back to Sharm for the unforeseeable future.

The last five years has been elite's biggest growth in diver numbers and it's no coincidence that Alec has been here during that time along with a personal gift form Alun and Moyra.

Alec did the right thing and informed us three months ago that he would be leaving, giving us ample time to adjust and recruit. He was even working in the office managing things up until the last minute.

It's going to be a big wrench for us, as Alec has become part of the family. In fact many people thought he was Alun and Moyra's son due to his close bond and Welsh accent.

Alec has some irons in the fire, but nothing concrete as yet. I'm sure you'll all get to hear about it when he does settle into something.

It's been a massive wrench saying our good byes. Many tears by some of our male and female staff.

The good news. anyone coming to the dive show in Birmingham will see Alec on our stand at the show from time to time. You can wish him all the best there.

Anyway, there's even money on that Alec will be back at elite at some point in the future, even if it's just for a visit!!!!!

Elite diving was so proud when Alec appeared on the front cover of diver magazine in May 2014. The editor called him "The Wolfman"

 Alec on his last day waiting for the boat permissions to be issued to get his divers moving.
 Alec grafting topless on his hands and knees, counting to see if there are enough weights on board for the new divers. Contain yourself girls, and not forgetting some of our boys!

 He can't tear himself away. He's flying back to UK the next day and he's still in the office bossing his staff around 'till the bitter end! Look at the clock on the wall 5.35 pm
Not enough weights. Someones going to get a earful down the phone!!!

Alec's last night at Ras Stella and he stayed until 9.30 p.m. YES, 9.30 p.m. The usual clowns were there, and a visit from Mickey and Mini, Tigger and a Minion!

We will miss you so so much Alec. Don't leave it too long. Best wishes form all the Elite crew.

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