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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Will of Sport Diver fame Dives with Elite.

Will Harrison the assistant editor for Sport Diver magazine, has recently visited Elite Diving for a Technical diving Refresher with our very own Mr Alun, and he is placing a report of his trip in the next Sport Diver issue.

Will had completed his Tech 50 course over three years ago and hasn't done any technical diving since. Wanting to do some more technical diving, he felt the need for a refresher to go over the skills and drills of technical diving. 

Technical diving is still in the realms of recreational diving so of course divers should practice skills specific to the type of diving they are undertaking.

The word technical diving, evokes thoughts of deep deep diving, staying down for hours decompressing, but actually it's not much more dive time than a multilevel dive for the 'tech rec' dives. Yes some technical divers like to push the limits go very deep with many many tanks just to break records, but those divers are the ones who get publicity. 

The Technical recreational diver goes to depths not covered by normal recreational diving so needs further training and understanding of how the body reacts to the greater pressure and gas, what extra equipment is needed to stay safe and how to work out decompression tables and follow them on the dive. Most of it can be done by computer software these day which Will discovered.

The main benefit is that a technically qualified diver can visit dive sites which are not available to the recreational diver and stay there for a prolonged time.

Will from Sports Diver has dived in Sharm on several occasions, but was amazed at what other spectacular dive sites are available to the technical diver in Sharm. He particularly enjoyed 'Whip Canyon' in Ras Mohamed and diving down to 50 meters inside Thomas canyon after just drifting well above it looking down at the depths in previous visits.

Read all about his visit in the June issue of Sports Diver Magazine on sale from 6th May 2015. We hope he gives Elite a good mention!!!!!!!

Alun demonstrating some of the skills covered on a technical course

Practicing DSMB deployment 

 Decompressing at 6 meters is a pleasure here in Sharm. Most of the Reefs we dive, go right up to the surface, so there's plenty to see and watch while you run down the clock on your way back up.

For information on Diving Deeper for longer through a technical diving courses or a technical  refresher, please contact

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