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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sharm to Brothers 7 Day Safari 30th May 2015

Brothers Wreck Special (including North Wrecks)

If you want to join our wreck safari special, we are leaving on 30th May 2015. This is a very New and exciting Itinerary out of Sharm, taking in all the top wrecks including the wrecks on the Brothers.
Firstly we'll do a warm up wreck dive on Beacon Rock, Dunraven and then heading for the famous Abu Nuhas wrecks. This will split the journey up for further South. 

Next destination will be further South for Big Brother, to dive Numidia and Aida. After that we'll sail a very short distance south to dive the Southern Plateau of Little Brother where we hope to see a selection of different sharks before heading North West to Safaga area to dive Salem Express.

The Brothers islands

Big Brother and Small Brother are two tiny islands situated in the middle of the Red Sea approximately 70 miles south-east of Hurghada.

The two islands are part of the marine park and are therefore protected, and dives here are considered to be among the best, not only in the Red Sea but in the world.

Together with Deadalus, Big Brother is the furthest East of the Egyptian territories; lying to the north and south are two small flat underwater plains, with perpendicular walls dropping to around 50-60 metres, below which they descend thousands of metres down into the sea.
Above sea level the line of sand running for around 500 metres from North to South is virtually uninhabited, save for small groups of soldiers and some lighthouse operators.
The seas here also boast several wrecks, although the majority of these are too far down to visit. The two within reach however offer some of the most beautiful sights in the Red Sea: the Numidia (sunk in 1901) and the Aida (sunk in 1957). The first is to the north of the island, but the sea conditions here mean that diving isn't always feasible. The second rests to the North-East and is easier to visit.

The islands’ location in open sea and the continually changing currents have made the area around the island a true explosion of life and colours, and the two shipwrecks are among most beautiful of the Red Sea, offering fabulous coral formations and amazing marine life; glass-fish and big tropical groupers are ever present, as well as big shoals of tunas, barracudas and grey sharks. Sightings of other species of shark are often possible, such as the silk-shark, the “Longimanus” (Oceanic Whitetip), the “Albimarginatus” (Silvertip) and shoals of hammerhead sharks. Even the fox shark, very rare elsewhere, is easily found in this area. Sometimes the tropical moon-fish, huge mantas, whale sharks visit these areas.

Small Brother is situated at about 1 Km south of Big Brother; it isn't a real island but a small rock. For this reason the sighting of fish shoals and large fish is even more common.

The two islands have the same submarine characteristics, they are both rich in coral, in particular the beautiful soft corals which give an incredible charm to the area.

In the south-eastern part of Small Brother, at depths of around 20 to 40 metres, are some amazing forests of sea fans; in the afternoon on the south plateau it is often possible to see pelagic fish hunting.

Diving is best at The Brothers from spring to the beginning of autumn.

On the way back to Sharm we'll get the chance to dive the Rosalie Moller near Gubal and of course what wreck diving trip in the North Red Sea wouldn't be complete without a dive on Thistlegorm.

The Itinerary is subject to weather conditions.

During this itinerary, the following areas will be visited: Beacon Rock (Checkdive), Abu Nuhas, Brothers, Gubal, Shag Rock, Thistlegorm, Shark & Yolanda Reef.

The Price is £900 per person and include the following:

           ·         7 nights full board accommodation onboard Snefro Love, including coffee, tea, mineral water, juices & soft drink 
·         3 to 4 dives per day, depending on conditions, local laws  and travel times.
·         1x 12L cylinder, weight belt, weights and air or Nitrox fills.
·         Dive guides.
·         Visa, marine park fees.

·         Airfare, hotel accommodation.
·         Alcoholic drinks & tonic water.

The minimum number of pax to confirm sailing is 14. We already have ten people booked on the trip.The people who will pay the deposit first will get priority.

To get your self on board this trip e-mail


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