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Friday, October 31, 2014

Monty Halls. I Expect Was Very Disappointed.

What a nice chap that Monty Halls is. On several occasions he has drawn out the winning ticket for our dive show draw. I 'm sure he looked forward to joining us on our stand at the end of the dive show and have our female members of our team jostle just to get next to him in the photo, and as the anticipation of drawing out and naming the winner is always such a climax to the show, I'm sure he was gutted this year to get upstaged by a 10 year Old.

 Lids 2012                                                                       Olympia 2011
Look out Monty, there's a new breed of diver coming up and could be following your footsteps to push you off your pedestal.

 Young Katie Valentine has enrolled on an open water course with us in Sharm El Sheikh this coming December. Her Mother and father have also learned to dive with us in the past.

Katie was still at the Dive show close to the end of the show and asked could she make the draw. You should have seen her face drop when I said to her "But Monty Halls likes to do it" I swiftly changed my tack and said, "but I'm sure he'll get over it if he don't do it again this year". Her face lit up with delight and a darn good job she made of it too.

Sorry Monty, you lost out this year, perhaps in LIDS mate!!! ;-)

Katie Reads out the winner of the draw to our dive show team. "Marisa Turner"

Although the winner was not available to answer the phone when we rang, Katie left a message giving the good news. The winner has since been contacted and has already booked flights to come and dive with us to redeem the prize of a 5 day dive pack and 7 night B and B for two.

 Well Done Katie. We look forward to teaching you how to dive in December.

The Winner
Every other Dive Show has produced a new diver to us as the winner, but this time, Katie pulled out one of our existing divers who has dived with us in Sharm on several occasions. Congratulations Marisa. We always look forward to that lovely smile of yours.

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