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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alec and H's Celebrations

On Wednesday 6th February Alec (AKA Turtle Hunter) hit 30. Although he had plans to celebrate in style on the weekend, staff, guests and friends gathered to celebrate on the day, making it a very sociable evening.
The cake was made as a gift by Ali who is the partner of our logistics co-ordinator Paul (Mincer) Ratchford.

 Bubbly? I don't mind if I  do!

 'H' also celebrated the passing of his Dive Master after Alec cut the cake. The traditional last unofficial test of the Dive Master is to drink a beer (with an additive or two) through a funnel connected to a mask and snorkel. Without spilling or spitting any!

The spectators cheered on 'H' to the bitter end. Well more like a spicy end, with a small vodka and hot sauce  

 'H' with his instructor Karen Bruce. Karen commented on how laid back 'H' was. She said he's so laid back he's past horizontal!

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