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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two New Staff for Elite Diving In Sharm

 Due to Elite Diving’s continued expansion, we have take on two new staff to share the workload.

Sam Banks pictured out diving on her day off, is our new bookings and marketing administrator. 

Sam learnt to dive with Elite in March 2011 and went on to complete her advanced open water in the same week. She came back on Holiday September that year and again in April 2012. She moved to Sharm at the end of May.

She ran The Shurland Hotel on the Isle of Sheppey with her partner Steve Haynes. They have both decided to sell up in the UK and follow their ambition for a more relaxed lifestyle. Steve is taking his Divemaster course with Elite Diving.

Sam has already put her vast experience into practice with Elite, and will be most people’s contact when booking their diving with Elite in Sharm. Being at the end of an e-mail, her job could be done while in an office in the UK or in fact almost anywhere in the world,  but as her partner Steve, has enrolled on a Divemaster course in Sharm with Elite, she thought she may as well work on the Internet near him.

She is a very gregarious character and adds to the fun on an Elite Après diving evening! 

Our other new recruit is Hollie Anderson.

Hollie is a PADI Instructor and hails from South West Rock New South Wales, Australia. Where she originally learnt to dive.

She was a in the nursing profession back in Oz but also felt like a change of lifestyle. She finally decided on a diving career in Sharm.

Hollies’ laid back personality fits in well with Elite. She has already received many excellent reviews from elite diving’s new students and qualified divers alike. Her teaching style follows the qualities of other instructors at elite with her clear instructions, showing patience and thoroughness.

It’s quite refreshing when she greets you in the morning.       
 “Gooday Bruce” (only joking but she does have a strong Ozzie accent).

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