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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Big SCUBA Show Olympia and LIDS 2011

We had two very well know diving celebraties to help us draw the winners of our competition at both the Olympia Big SCUBA Show and Excel LIDS 11 Dive shows.

The Big SCUBA Show in Olympia London
is a new venture for DIVE magazine and BSAC. It was a very warm and friendly show. We met many of our regular divers.

The elite show team had a very busy two days talking to existing and prospective new divers.

Traditionally the dive show team have a quiet drink after a hard day talking all day, just to wet the whistle.

Preiviously a Royal Marine, Monty Hall is now a TV personality He was also at the show promoting his book. A very friendly and aproachable gentleman as Moyra demonstrates.

Monty Hall
, a diver himself, draws out the winner of our show draw at Olympia London.

The lucky winner is Maria Fernandes from London. Elite has already been in contact with Maria to plan her prize.

Dr Andrea Marshall AKA "Queen of The Mantas" draws our Excel winner at LIDS 11.
Dr Andrea was catapulted to diving celebrity fame, by The BBC series Natural World where she was nick named Queen of the Mantas, due to the research she has been dedicating her life to in Mozmabique.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

London and Dublin Dive Shows

There will be only three dive companies exhibiting on The Red Sea Zone during The Big SCUBA Show in London. The economic climate has taken its toll on some companies and the political situation in Egypt has also played a part. We are committed to providing our UK clients with a face to talk to at the three shows below.
We will be there to answer any questions or queries on visiting Sharm as a diver.

If you know us come and say hello. If you don't, come and meet us.

The Big SCUBA Show. London Olympia 19th-20 February 2011
Irish Dive Show. Dublin City North Hotel 5th -6th March 2011.
LIDS: London International Dive Show . Excel London 26th-27th March 2011.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Dive Master in Sharm El Sheikh

Three new Divemasters qualify with our Sharm El Sheikh Dive Centre.
After completing all the PADI standards to qualify, there is one more test or ceremony left to complete.

Most of our divers enjoy Après Diving evenings and this is when we normally perform the passing out ceremony. The last test depends on where it takes place. “The snorkel test” or “The Funnel” is normally the chosen discipline.

Below we have Trevor performing admirably with the snorkel test and little Sasha handling the Funnel very well.

Mike on the other hand has to perform this ceremony on his return as he didn’t get his chance on his last visit!!!!!!

Trevor easily completes his snorkel test

Mike seen here with Young Harry, gets away with it... for now!

Sasha, despite her small size, handles The Funnel admirably.

Although the divemaster course is the first step on the professional recreational diver ladder and safety and professionalism is always instilled on the course, there is always a large element of fun to be had, and this is also very important to develop if you want to be a success.
For details of our Divemaster courses/Internship please contact:

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