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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BSAC Courses in Sharm El Sheikh

Elite Diving is the BSAC training arm of our Sharm El Sheikh Dive Center.

More and more people are coming to us to complete their Ocean Diver open water dives and even Sports diver open water dives, in the clear warm waters of The Red Sea.
Complete your pool and theory training with us or your own BSAC Branch, then complete your open water dives on a diving holiday, on the world class reefs, with an abundance of corals and marine life.

Diving Course Syllabus

There are five internationally-recognised BSAC diver grades, from the entry level Ocean Diver through to our highest grade, First Class Diver.

BSAC Diver Grades.
BSAC has been training people to dive since the early 1950s. During this time the Diver Training Programme has been regularly updated and improved to keep pace with developments in equipment and diving knowledge. The programme is designed to build confidence and self-reliance, whilst keeping safety uppermost.

Diving skills are taught progressively so that each new experience is built upon step by step. Following basic training in the safety of a swimming pool or protected area, students soon complete their first open water dives to achieve Ocean Diver certification. This progression continues to Sports Diver and beyond, where open water skills and techniques are further developed and experience gained.

All diver training courses are delivered through BSAC Diver Training Centres or clubs, by qualified instructors over a four or five day period or a series of weekly evening sessions and weekend open water training, with the opportunity for regular diving to hone your skills.

With BSAC, the choice is yours – this is YOUR diving journey and we are with you every step of the way.

Ocean Diver
This course provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving. The Ocean Diver course prepares for this in the safety of a swimming pool or sheltered water and an introduction to open water in a controlled, safe manner. Experience and confidence will be gained under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Maximum depth - 20m.

Sports Diver
Sports Diver training builds a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience with structured, practical lessons. Qualified Sports Divers are ready to take part in dives with other Sports Divers or higher. Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 35m after qualfying.
Sports Divers can embark on the first stage of the route of instruction.

Dive Leader
Dive Leader training covers responsibilities and safety of leading other divers. Practical lessons will give divers confidence to deal with emergencies. Leading a dive will develop enjoyment, confidence and experience as a diver.
Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 50m after qualfying.
Dive Leaders are eligible to progress to Open Water Instructor.

Advanced Diver
The Advanced Diver course further develops knowledge and skills. Divers gain experience in planning dives at different sites and different circumstances. Additional experience will be gained in using small boats, chartwork. navigation and many other related skills. BSAC consider this grade as being a fully trained diver.
Advanced Divers are eligible to progress to Advanced Instructor.

First Class Diver
BSAC's highest diving grade which requires a higher than average level of theoretical knowledge, organisational and personal diving skills. BSAC First Class Divers are assessed through nationally conducted examinations.
To book your BSAC ourse contact

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Ocean College Favorite Returns to Work in Sharm

Previously an Ocean College favourite, Kevin Agius returns to Sharm to join forces with previous Ocean College Staff Alun and Moyra Evans at Elite Diving who are the owners of Divers United dive center in Sharm El Sheikh.

Kevin has travelled and worked in the meantime in Thailand and Norway but his itchy feet has brought him back to Sharm, where he enjoyed working as a dive instructor and guide so much.

Another very popular and talanted instructor who has just re-joined the ranks at Elite Diving is Alec Jones. Some people may have met Alec at NEC Dive 2010, where he worked on the Elite Diving with Divers United stand on The Red Sea Zone.
Alec completed his diving internship in Sharm with Elite in 2006, and was offered a full time position immediately after due to his professionalism, passion for diving and ability in teaching. He was nick named Squirt the turtle hunter as he always had the knack of finding a turtle for the guests. We are so happy to welcome Alec back into the fold.
Alec was introduced to diving when he was 14 by his father who was Diving Officer of his BSAC branch and went on to learn to dive with his father’s club where he dived for many years in UK waters. After some very good school results, Alec decided to study marine biology at Plymouth University where he graduated in 2004 with honours. He is now considering studying for a post graduate degree by studying the life of the coral reefs in Sharm
Alec has strengths in both guiding and teaching SCUBA. His interpersonal skills and approachable personality are ideal for today’s modern diving professional as he can turn his hand to guiding qualified experienced divers as well as teaching new divers due to his ability in instructing with enthusiasm and passion. His love of diving is very infectious for new and qualified divers alike.

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