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Sunday, December 19, 2010

CDWS Diving Restrictions Lifted

Although there hasn’t been any restrictions for experienced divers diving on the best sites in Sharm, namely Tiran, Ras Mohamed Shab Machmood (Dunraven), Thistlegorm and trips to Dahab, it has been difficult getting trainees and newly qualified divers in the water.

The restrictions for them has now been lifted so we are almost back to usual in Sharm.

Here are the rules given to us by CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Water Sports)

On 14 December 2010 CDWS received Governor Decree # 357 for year 2010 relating to the opening of some beaches and the restart of some marine excursions in Sharm el Sheikh.

A: for certified divers with 50 dives or more:
Diving is allowed in all sites including shore sites.
B: for certified divers with less than 50 dives:
Diving is allowed where there are mooring lines only.
No drift dives are allowed.
The area north of Naama Bay to Ras Nasrasni remains closed to this category of diver - this applies until 21.12.2010

C: for beginners courses & intro dive activities,

Diving is allowed only in the following areas (this applies until 21.12.2010)

Sharm El Maya
Naama Bay
Sharks Bay (from the shore only)
South & North Lagoona in Tiran
Nabq Bay

D: Other divers

For advanced training of divers with 50 dives or more, the same rules as category A applies.
For advanced training of divers with less than 50 dives, the same rules as category B applies.
Rescue training is temporarily not allowed due to the following reasons : avoid prolonged time spent on the surface performing skills. avoid causing panic to tourists due to the simulated behaviour of the diver playing the role of a victim.
E: Snorkelling

Snorkelling excursions by boats are allowed only in all areas of Tiran.
No drift snorkelling is allowed. Other areas remain banned - this applies unt il 21.12.2010
F: Glass bottom boats and semi-subs

Glass bottom boats & semi-subs are working as usual.
G: Banana, tube and water ski

Activities of banana, tube and water ski remain banned until further notice.
A copy of the decree will be sent by email as soon as our office receives it tomorrow, Thursday 16 December.

CDWS will keep members informed as soon as we receive further updates from the Governor‘s office

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