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Thursday, August 12, 2010

BSAC Travel Partner When Diving in Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea

From 1st September 2010 Elite Diving is a BSAC Travel Partner for BSAC members looking to dive in Sharm El Sheikh on The Red Sea.
The British Sub Aqua Club head office, has enlisted elite diving as one of its Travel Partners, due to our reputation, long BSAC connection and offers of diving an accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh.

BSAC is probably the largest dive club in the world and has over 1100 branches mostly in the UK, but also some world wide, with up to 35,000 strong membership.
BSAC members and branches should contact us on:

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Winter warmer Two For One Dive Packs

As a BSAC Travel partner we are dedicated to giving BSAC members value for money. Our Internet dive packs are good value for money in themselves but for BSAC paid up members, there is an additional 10% discount.
However during January and Febuary 2011 we are offering a winter warmer special offer of two dive packs for the price of one for our 4 and 5 day dive packs. Any BSAC member pays for a 4 or 5 day dive pack, their BSAC Buddy goes free.

4 day dive pack for one £140.
4 day dive pack fro two £140.
5 day dive pack for one £150.
5 day dive pack for two £150.
A dive Pack consists of two guided dives per day, tanks, weights and hotel transfers.
Contact: to make your booking, quoting names and BSAC membership numbers.

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Private Dive Guide when diving in Sharm El Sheikh. Red Sea

Benefits of a private dive guide when diving in Sharm El Sheikh.

Nikki Smith hadn't had many dives when she decided on a dive holiday to Sharm, so she booked Neal as a private guide. There was just the two of them in the water so Neal took his camera, and look at what they saw.

Nikki shown above, was obviously ecstatic after seeing a whale shark on her first Red Sea dive, which was an easy shore dive from Sharks Bay. Well named she thought.

Eight year old Harry Clements, who captures the heart of everyone he comes in contact with, pictured above with Waleed who private guides Harry while snorkelling, while his parents and older brother Thomas dives below him. Harry completed the PADI Snorkelling course on his recent holiday. We're sure it will be Open Water next time.

The rest of the Clements family, as they're about to dive, taking The Count as a private guide.

People book a private guide for many reasons. Some if they feel nervous and don't want to join a group, and have the extra safety of a professional as a buddy. Some just so they don't have to keep up with a group when they want to stay in one spot to take pictures. Some like the Clements just wanted a day to dive as a family.
To book a private guide when divng in Sharm El Sheikh for whatever reason, contact or visit

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cruise and Stay Dive Packages in Sharm El Sheikh

Please contact our office for information and available dates on ongoing Cruise and Stay packages.

3 nights on Safari and 4 nights at hotel with six days diving altogether including the wrecks of SS. Dunraven and SS Thistlegorm, with a night dive in one of the sheltered lagoons in the Gulf of Suez. All for £550. Flights not included.
Contact for further details.

Due to public demand, Elite has launched a Cruise and Stay Dive package from Sharm El Sheikh. Taking the best of daily diving and hotel, coupled with a 3 night Safari cruise on the Red Sea, into a one week package.

We can tailor make your week to your own schedule within reason.
The week consists of 4 nights B&B in a hotel. A 3 day daily dive package and a three night stay on a Safari boat with three days diving.
This is an ideal way to try out Safari diving, without committing yourself to a full week out at sea.

It also gives you the best of both diving worlds where you can enjoy a few nights in the resort town and daily diving, coupled with the more tranquil evenings out at sea under the stars.
Prices start from £550 depending on the time or year.
For more details and booking contact:

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PADI e.Learning becoming more popular.

Learning diving theory before diving in Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea.
As people are becoming more computer literate, the popularity of on line courses are increasing. SCUBA diving is a practical sport, but there is an element of theory needed to be covered or learnt for all courses.
PADI has developed an on line tutorial for Open water, Advanced Open Water and Nitrox, so that people can pre study and gain a theoretical qualification, to take along to a PADI facility or instructor to progress with learning the practical applications.
This cuts down on time spent in a classroom on holiday, while your friends or family are outside enjoying the fun and sun.
The e.Learning facility allows you to study in your own spare time, in the comfort of your own home, or even during break at work.
You don't have to be a PADI diver to do any of the e.learning courses.

Example: As we provide FREE Nitrox when booking your dive package with elite diving in Sharm El Sheikh, by studying for your PADI nitrox qualification before your holiday. This means, you can start immediately to use nitrox on your first dive at resort, without having to spend time studying in a classroom.
Click on the following link, then click on the e-Learning banner, to take you on to the PADI e.Learning site to find out more.

If you need more information or direction, contact

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