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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oceanic White tip while diving in Sharm El Sheikh

During our 3rd dive on 27th August 2009, we encountered an oceanic white tip esccorted by pilot fish. Three of the group had cameras and some very nice close ups were taken as the shark showed as much interest in us as we did in him. Some of the best shots were taken by Gary Smith who as he said he would, turrned up again this week. Remember it was Gary who provided the awesome photos of the Manta's last week.

Diving in Sharm can always throw up the unexpected.

The oceanic kept trying to avoid our bubbles but was still quite inquisitive.

Close up and personal.

It gave us plenty of opertunity of some close shots.

To see more on our shark adventues go to and click on South Africa.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Elite Diving Sharm El Sheikh. 4th Birthday

Elite Diving celebrated it's 4th anniversary with staff and some guests.

The party was held in our favourite Naama Bay venue, Vino's

Elite's founder Alun Evans pictured here with Elite Diving's first customer Graham Morgan who travelled to Sharm especially for the occasion.
To view elite's excelent dive package rates in Sharm El Sheikh look on


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Friday, August 21, 2009

Diver Of The Month July 2009 Sharm El Sheikh

Gary Smith above with his short sighted glasses on has been trying very hard to become diver of the month. After all, he’s dived with elite diving in Sharm El Sheikh during four months this year already and has exemplary diving skills along with his tri mix re-breather qualifications he’s also a PADI Staff Instructor. Gary has just been piped once again for the top spot. We hope he doesn’t take it too hard!!!

There could be only one winner in July. After all she dived three out of the four weeks of the month and conducted 44 dives during her stay in July and also completed her rescue and EFR course.

Sarah Grady has been a regular with elite since the start.

Grady seen here waiting for H to finish kitting up. Shaban keeping Grady cool during the hot Summer days.

Grady dressed to Kill on an apres' diving evening

Smile Please. Look on for dive package prices.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Diving Season in Sharm

Below are a some of the families that dived with us in Sharm During August 2009.

The Clements Brothers with Young Mohamed and Amhed the sons of Captain Yakiah

The Inkersols

The Gethings

The Terry's

Liberty and Ian Butterfeild.

To view our dive packages look on


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still Manta Ray Bonanza diving in Sharm El Sheikh

It's been another awesome Summer here in Sharm El Sheikh.
We are still seeing Mantas on a regular basis.

Each week we have sightings. Once last week we had two drifting past together and another one drifting the oposite way.

We have had one with no markings what so ever on it's back and not much white on it's underside.

Many different shots with different markings although these photos are of the same one and was seen on August 17th 2009 when it gluided past the group. The group gave chase and the manta just stayed there for us to get some nice shots.

These photographs were taken by Gary Smith on his fourth visit this year. And he says he's coming back next week.

Alright for some I HEAR YOU SAY!!!!

Gary has been runner up for our diver of the month on each visit. We are sure he's trying hard to get the the top spot!

Look us up on or conatct us on


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Friday, August 7, 2009

From Sharm El Sheikh to The Birmingham Dive Show.

This Coming October elite diving will be exibiting at The NEC Birminham

To get a discount on pre booked ticketts go to

Our same team will be at The NEC as in LIDS 09 In London.
Come and say hello.

For more details Contact
or look on

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Regular Divers diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Shabby presenting Mike Devlin......Shabby presenting Sam Inkersol

Regular divers to Sharm El Sheikh, Mike Devlin and Sam Inkersol recently acheived milestones on the same dive. Mike made his 100th Red Sea dive and Sam completed is 100th dive when diving in Sharm El Sheikh. They both also hoped they would see a Shark....They were not disapointed. Below is a photo of an actual shark they saw.

A 2 meter Hammerhead in The straits of Tiran
Sam also features on while completing his open water course with elite diving in Sharm El Sheikh in 2006


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Family PADI diving Course in Sharm El Sheikh

The Gething family from left to right. Lisa. Steve, Nia age 12, Bryony age 10.

Steve is the tough guy with out a wet suit. A prop forward in his younger days so nobody's going to argue!!!!!!

All the family recently completed their PADI Open Water course with elite diving's dive operation Divers United in Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea.

They are now enjoying diving the reefs of Sharm El Sheikh as a family.

or contact

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