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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An elite diving son has arrived to Sharm El Sheikh

Many of our recent guests with elite diving in Sharm El Sheikh will be pleased to know that one of our popular Dive Masters Shaaban has eventually become a father.
His wife Iva, was expecting their first child around the start of July so each day Sabby (as he's affectionately known)was asked if there was any news.

Noah Emanuel eventualy put in an apearence on July 18th making Shaaban a very proud father

Above Saaban is pictured receiving a congratulations card from Staff and guests.

Elite Diving also arranged for a gift to be brought out with one of the guests.
We hope Noah likes the Welsh Teddy!!!!
To dive with Shabby look on


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo Competition when diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Due to popular demand we at Elite diving are having a photo competition. The rules are simple. Anyone that has dived with us during 2009 in Sharm El Sheikh and taken photos during their trip to Sharm with us can send us their photos for judging. You can send a max of your best 5 pictures.

We have a panel of judges. Our own “Count” who as most of you will know is a very keen and accomplished photographer himself, Greg Bottle who is the creative director of our website and many of his own pictures features on the website and sells his picture professionally, Craig Nelson who is a professional photographer and has had many pictures published in many dive magazines.

There will be a prize for the final winner. The prize will depend on how many take part and will be diving related. We are expecting strong entries in from Colin Brice, Rick Hughes, Ianto Williams, Lene Raven, Phill Richards to name but a few so the challenge is on. Get those photos coming in. There is a differing eye with each of the panel so you never know what they see in your own photo.

Please send any photos you want entered into the competition to giving full name and date of your visit to Elite diving in Sharm.

Also look here for entries and news on competition.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shark Week Report

Elite’s First Shark week was a great success.
We have used actual photos taken during the week rather than call on library pictures. As we never had a professional photographer with us our results were all we could post

Leopard Shark at Alternatives swimming away!!!
The shark count seen when diving in Sharm El Seikh on our shark week is as follows and in order of apearance.
Day 2. 3 hammer heads. Location: Straits of Tiran
Day 3. 1 Leopard shark. Location :Ras Mohamed
Day 4. 18 hammer heads 1 thresher shark and 1 white tip oceanic. Location: Tiran Straits.
Day 5. 1 Leopard shark. Location: Alternatives.

Dr Tina Gouer gave a very interesting and informative talk on sharks covering topics such as anatomy, temperature control, the sharks senses, reproduction, interaction do’s & don’ts.

We’d like to extend a very big thank you to Dr Tina for her expertise and enthusiastic delivery on a topic which was obviously very close to her heart.

Everyone that attended her talk were riveted to her every word.

If you want to see more sharks why not join our Big Shark Tour of South Africa. Look it up on

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Buy One get one free diving courses in Sharm El Sheikh

We all love a bargain and our two for one course offers are proving very popular.

To get more information of this bargain contact elite diving on

It’s the rescue course that has been taken up the most, and it’s the same feed back we get from most people.

One of our recent Rescue student Sarah Grady who works as a senior staff nurse for The NHS said.
“I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed the course although at times it was exhausting. I feel a far more accomplished diver now and found after practicing the skills on the course as an individual made it far easier to work as a team during the scenarios we were given. It defiantly helped us work as a team as well as evaluate our own personal rescue skill level.”

Sarah pictured on the left with her fellow rescue course students Sharon and Chris Dow who took advantage of our two for one offer. Regular visitors to elite web news may remember the story of Sharon and Chris as they got married underwater in the Caribbean.


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June Diver Of The Month with Elite Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Yet again for the second time Gary and Merv (the two Geezers from South London at the far right of the photo) have come runners up for diver of the month. They were last here in February and this time brought some back up. Gary is also here again this month (July) so watch this space on next months news letter.

Another group of friend who came very close to June's title is our regulars from The North East Dave, Colin and Derek.

June's Elite Diver of the month goes to our regular quiet Viking lady from Denmark who takes teasing about "cartoons" very well.

Lene Raven pictured here with Alun on her recent visit in June has been a faithfull regular diver in Sharm El Sheikh with Elite over the years. Her modest nature and willingness to join in with all our British guests (even if she don't understand what they say some of the time) along with her gracefull diving skills and underwater photography has earned her the June diver of the month.

Lene has already booked to return in October. She just loves it!!

If your looking at a diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh look at our offers on

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South African Big Shark Diving Tour

We have four spaces left on our January Big Shark Diving Tour of South Africa.
Anyone still wishing to join us please contact

To view full itinerary click below


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