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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shark Week

Bookings are building up for our two Shark weeks during June 14th for one week and June 27th for one week.
For more details e:mail

This photo of a schooling Hammerheads were taken during last years Shark Week

This week we spotted another Grey Reef Shark in one of the dive site we often see them. This is off the normal guided route. Also had a white tip reef shark who was swimming at Ras Um Sid around 15 meter ‘s and swam back and forth passed us twice. This is unusual as the sharks don’t like the noise of the boats overhead (or so we thought).

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Elite Sports People.

We recently had a very interesting group of friends with high levels of performances in their other chosen sports, diving with us in Sharm El Sheikh.
From Letf to right: Jenifer Taylor, Shelly Wilson and Chris Sherring.

They all have a claim to fame in their other chosen activities.
Jennifer is a British Ridden 2008 equestrian Champion.
Shelly (Don’t argue with her!) is a Women’s Tai Boxing Southern area Champion.
Chris is a CB500 super Bike Champion and a senior coach for The California Super Bike School.

They are all now PADI advanced divers and had much fun acquiring the grade.

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100th Dive

Yet another mile stone was achieved this month when Martin Fisher reached his 100th dive while diving with elite diving in Sharm El Sheikh. Martin is pictured here on his 101st dive swimming over the propeller on The Dunraven. As he kept his achievement quiet we weren’t given the opportunity to present Martin with his certificate underwater on his 100th, however Martin was presented later in the week with a certificate to denote his 100th dive.

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April Diver Of The Month

This award gives us more deliberation than any other subject matter between the dive center staff!!!!

The two runners up for this award in April go to two of our youngest students during. George Amos a 10 year old who showed determination and maturity to complete his PADI SCUBA course and soon will catch up with the rest of his diving family we’re sure. Also another Junior, 14 year old Tom Yamin-Ali who also achieved his PADI SCUBA certificate and did several dives to a very high standard.

Aprils top award goes to the other end of the scale and this divers skills were exemplary, but you’d expect that from a BSAC Advanced Instructor and Trimix diver who has dived for decades and has logged in excess of 1000 dives. But this is not why the award was given. This diver last visited Sharm in 1994 and with all the dives he has done all over the world he still showed raw enthusiasm for his diving here and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was also on a family holiday we’re sure he would have dived for the full 14 day trip.

Congratulations to Our April Diver of the Month, Richard Greenwood of Yorkshire, who’s obvious love and enthusiasm of the sport is passed on to others around him. Well done Rich’.

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Elite Diving's Newest Instructor

Our newest addition to our Diving Staff is PADI instructor Ivo Petrov who hails originally from Hungary but lived in Italy for 14 years before moving to Sharm to take up a career in Recreational SCUBA three years ago.

Ivo speaks several languages including English but finds it difficult to understand Wenglish (English with a heavy Welsh accent)!!!!!!! “Yechud Da”

Our Oldest Instructor Alun says that Ivo reminds him of himself as Ivo has a six pack?
I suppose Alun dose have a keg!!? Photo Of Alun Not included!

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Benefit Of Learning to Dive with a Red Sea College or PADI Dive Center in Sharm El Sheikh

Explorers of The Deep

Taken During dives on a PADI Open Water Course

The Reef can sometimes be engulfed by a school of Blue Fusaliers.

Check out Elite diving courses on

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Diving In Sharm El Sheikh All Year Round

In the Summer is't so good to be in the water and now the Red Sea around Sharm is starting to warm up nicely recording 24 deg C and climbing.

Above is a Winter scene underwater in Sharm El Sheikh
Twilight at Sharks Bay in February.

A resident of the reef all year round.
For details on how to book with elite diving contact
Or browse our website by clicking on to


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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cheap Diving. Discounts for groups Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Large group discounts when a Dive group book together.

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Family Diving & private guiding in Sharm El Sheikh

You can book your own private guide for and additional 40 euro per day to give you extra attention if you don't wish to dive in a group.
Family diving is coming more popular. Seen here is father and daughter Anna-Marie and Tony Abbott enjoying their diving with their private guide.
Private Guides can be used for groups up to four people. Any more in the group and there is no extra charge.
For more details contact or look on

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