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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Elite Diving TV debut

Alun and Moyra your Elite Diving hosts at Sharm El Sheikh have been featured in a TV reality programme.

The programme was featured on S4C which is the Welsh channel 4 (Has Alun ever told you he’s Welsh?) over Christmas 2007 and an Omnibus version were shown on New Years day 2008. The programme was about a well known (in Wales) Welsh TV presenter Dai Jones trying to overcome his fear of water and learning to swim. His good friend Wil also accompanied him on the trip.

The programme is called Dai Yn Y Dwr (David in the water) and Alun was called on to teach Dai as the programme was for Welsh speakers and Alun in his distant past had an education in Welsh.

The film crew were in Sharm for a whole week and were filming all day every day with a gruelling schedule. If not in the pool or a beach where the swimming lessons took place, they also were filming Dai and his side kick Wil out and about in and around Sharm. They even took a trip up to Dahab to experience the vast contrast of the surroundings there.

The finished programme itself was charged with emotions, ups and downs, and it made compelling viewing.

Alun and Moyra said they had great fun being a part of this production and would be very happy to do a similar venture again.

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